How I Decorated My Day Designer This Month

Hey guys and gals! I know it has been a few weeks since I posted my planner decorations so I will show y’all how I decorated the rest of October and also how I am decorating for November! I hope you guys enjoy!

October 10-16, 2016

For this week, I used the Back 2 School Sampler which was made by My Planner Envy. You click the link to get this printable sticker set for FREE! One thing I really liked about this set was the hydration stickers which reminded me everyday to drink more water, and I also liked the to do and top 3 boxes which I used in my Today’s Top Three areas. The one thing I missed this week was the ombre heart checkboxes which come with other sets, but other than that I really liked the theme and colors for Back 2 School.

October 17-23, 2016

This week I started to feel the Halloween spirit, and I used the FREE Candy printable by BeaYoutiful Planning. If you read my last post about planning, you know how much I love BeaYoutiful Planning printables! I really enjoyed this new layout she is using, and the only thing I missed this week is the To Clean and To Buy stickers which I use in the weekly column to keep track of everything I need as wells as the hydration stickers. I liked that this layout covers most of the “white space” in my planner, and I can’t wait to see what she creates next!

October 24-30, 2016

I decided to use My Planner Envy’s FREE Halloween 2 Sampler. I will admit that I wasn’t feeling very creative that week. I had a small break in school assignments and spent most of the week watching Netflix. #procrastinator! I will say that I thought the colors of the sampler were beautifully done. Not everyone likes the orange, black, green, and yellows of Halloween, and My Planner Envy really did a great job “girling” it up!

October 31-November 6, 2016

Since Halloween fell on a Monday unfortunately this year, I went with a Halloween theme for this week as well. I used the FREE Witches Brew sampler from Vintage Glam Studio. I really like the stickers. They are beautifully done and super cute, but I could tell this sampler was not made for my kind of planner. If I had an Erin Condren or a Happy Planner, I’m sure these stickers would have been fantastic, but they just don’t cover enough of my planner for my liking. If you have one of the planners I mentioned above, I would highly recommend these for you, although I would use these again if only for the cute extras.

November Monthly Spread

Again, I go back to BeaYoutiful Planning for the FREE November Monthly printable. She really hit the nail on the head with this one! I love the plaid and oranges and browns I associate with Fall. Not to mention, there is lots of COFFEE. This is my first monthly spread, and I am so happy with the way this turned out in my planner. I don’t even want to turn the page to look at this week! If you are needing a monthly spread for November, I highly recommend this one.

So, that’s it for my planner decorations. I hope you enjoyed, and as always, I would love to hear from you! Show me how you decorate your planners y’all!


Also, don’t forget that most of these ladies who create the FREE printables also have Etsy stores, so please show them some love!

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