Weekly Planner Love

Hey y’all…I meant write this post yesterday, but Hurricane Matthew. We are fine here in Columbia, but there are many people here in South Carolina and also Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina who could use our prayers, well wishes, etc…All my family and friends around Dillon are without power, and some even had their homes damaged by flood waters. It really is a mess here in SC, but there is nothing I can do to help right now so I will blog!

Last week I told you all about my planner obsession. This week I will show you how I have been decorating my planner. After I bought my planner, I went to Michael’s and bought a few sticker sets which fit The Happy Planner.


Then I did some searching online for planner sticker sets as well. There are so many free printable stickers out there! You can also purchase regular or printable stickers from several Etsy shops. I decided to print my own and cut them out. I have been using the Avery 3383 Sticker Project Paper. I love this paper because it sticks well, but you can also remove it if you need to!

This was my first week at decorating my planner..not very pretty 😦

My first week of decorating was very experimental, but once I finally printed out some planner stickers, I finally found a rhythm I could work with. Here is a before/after of this week. I used a free printable set from BEaYOUtiful Planning called Be Kind. I chose the set for the Happy Planner and then enlarged to 110% before printing, and this is what happened!

Isn’t this much better?! Thank you BEaYoutiful Planner!


At some point during the week, I decided to amp up my sticker game, and this is how it looks today! 

I am so happy with the way this week’s planning turned out. All of these stickers added to my organization, and it was so cute I left my planner lying open on my desk all week. Thank you to BEaYOUtiful Planning for a productive week!

Come back next week to see how I am staying organized, and in the mean time, tell me where you get your favorite planner stickers. XOXO….B


3 thoughts on “Weekly Planner Love

  1. Love how you utilized my printable for your planner! Great Job. I love the Top Three! That’s my inspiration for the 3 heart checklists. I try not to BOG myself down daily with a large check box. I always stress feeling obligated to fill them all in. I decided to stop doing that a focus on the top 3 tasks that I need to do each day. Happy Plannering!

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