My Newest Obsession….Planners!

Since I will be starting classes Monday for my master’s degree, I found myself in need of a planner. It’s been a while since I needed a planner, so I decided to do some research on the internet for the best planner…..big mistake. Somewhere along the way I went from casually curious to completely obsessed… Did you know there are blogs completely dedicated to planners and planner accessories?? And an endless video stream of YouTubers who review all kinds of planners?? Where has this been all my life?! I have always been a #plannergirl, but I did not know that there were thousands of other people who loved them just as much as me!

So, while researching through videos and blogs I realized I need to narrow down the type of format I needed for my planner to fit my lifestyle, and I then began going to various websites to check out the most recommended planners. Maybe I haven’t hit planner fanatic quite yet, but I refuse to pay $60+ for a planner. If you have been following my blog for a while y’all know I love a good deal and thrifty is my middle name….except when it comes to designer pocketbooks and accessories! Haha! But I digress….I decided to go my normal route which is to seek out a planner at my favorite spots.

The last planner I used was a Lilly Pulitizer Planner from Palmetto Moon, and it was awesome for me the last time I was in college. I went to the store and looked through all the planners, but none of them had the format I was looking for (I need a planner for both school, blogging, and personal event) #bummer….And they are sooo beautiful! Next stop was HomeGoods…no luck! Finally I decided I would stop at Target since they always have the most beautiful office supplies. Bingo! I came across the Day Designer by BlueSky made exclusively for Target. It was love a first sight, and finally I found something that fits my schedule and budget!

Day Designer 8×10 Weekly/Monthly Planner
Perfect for my schedule!

This is the main reason I bought this planner….the weekly layout! I like that I have a weekly To Do and then a daily Top 3. I can plan by the week AND the day. I also like the Next Week box on the lower right. This way I can jot down things that come up for next week and have a reference when planning the next week. I even love the Notes section since I have a bad habit of jotting things down on random pieces of paper and then losing those papers! I don’t necessarily need a daily schedule with times, but I will show you next week how I use that space to keep me organized. I will also reveal my newest planner related obsession….stickers!

So tell me, how do you stay organized? Can’t wait to hear from you!




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