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Birthdays….Time to Contemplate

Well, today is my 31st birthday. I have survived the first year of my 30’s, and this day has me contemplating where I am in life. I was thinking about how in high school my perception of where I would be by age 30 is somewhat different from current reality. I thought I would be a big-shot lawyer, living somewhere tropical, married, nice home, and kids. Well, I am married, have a nice home, and am a paralegal but no kids, no tropical oasis, and no law degree…yet (I plan to work on that in the coming years). With that said, I am happy with where my life is now. I have an amazing husband, a few great friends, and a loving, crazy family. When I was in high school I thought that having money and status meant I was successful, but as I have grown into adulthood, I realize that the only thing that makes me successful is the relationships in my life. These relationships are what makes me truly rich (although a winning lottery ticket wouldn’t hurt). Even though I still have a dream of becoming a lawyer, it is no longer for the money or fame. It is simply because I want to help people. I still may have the same dreams I did in high school, but now it is a more grown-up version of those dreams.

Anyone else ever look back on what they thought they would be when they grow-up? I would love to hear your stories!


2 thoughts on “Birthdays….Time to Contemplate

  1. I think you are in a good place right now and take advantage of all the learning opportunities you have at work or elsewhere and life will never be boring. You’re right. Work is not difficult, it’s the relationships that are complex. 🙂

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