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I <3 Thrifting

Anyone who knows my husband and I knows that we love to go thrift shopping. For me, it started as a little girl when I went to the local auction every other Saturday with my Daddy. This place had the coolest stuff to a young child (better than the toy store). Even when I couldn’t go with my Daddy, I remember being sooo excited when he came home to see what he had bought at the auction! As I grew up, I realized how cool it was to find all these antique (or non-antique) pieces for cheap, and it also deepened my appreciation for the stories/history behind these pieces. Sometimes I can find myself transported to another era just by learning about a piece and how it was used in its original time. Eventually, we began frequenting other places like thrift stores, antique stores, and flea markets. I like to think that I thrifted before thrifting was cool. So back to my original point….

My husband and I have been thrifting on and off for years, but we have really hit it hard in the last six years. Wherever we go we always seem to find somewhere to shop besides big box stores (although my husband works at one of them!). Our most prized possessions are a pink Pyrex mixing bowl (picked up on a trip to Charleston, SC), my vast and varied book collection (Anne Rice is my favorite author), an early 1900’s Smirnoff glass 1 gallon bottle with shot pump, his coin collection, and our antique furniture pieces. But, the best thing I love about thrifting is the time spent exploring with our family and friends (aka “familytime”). It seems that thrifters create a network among themselves which means that if I find something I know my family or friends are looking for I can grab it and vice versa. Also good about having a thrifty network of family and friends…yardsales. Everyone of us thrifters eventually buys things they don’t really want just because it is cheap. That means that every so often we clean out our junk rooms and either donate and/or yardsale the stuff we don’t need (this is just to make room for more junk…obviously). So, last weekend our friends were having a yardsale, and we decided to drive an hour and a half to sift through their stuff and have some much needed “familytime”. We bought a 70’s era American Tourister suitcase, some sweaters, a Pyrex piece, some Fire King pieces, a marble egg (for my Daddy), a shot-glass and a whole box of milk glass for $20 bucks. It was a day well-spent finding deals and the pleasure of great company! I challenge everyone to take one day and go thrifting…I promise it’s contagious!


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