Family Weekend Fun

So, it has been a minute since I have posted on my blog, but my very good friend Denise over at Life of a Yelldazy (go check her out) has inspired me to hop on this blogging thing again. So, most importantly since the last time we spoke, my husband and I have moved to Columbia, SC which is the state capital. This is a huge jump from the small town we are from which has no stop lights only a few crossroads (yes, it is that small). We are very lucky we are able to live in a small subdivision which still gives us that small town neighborly feel, but the traffic is a totally different story! Anyways…time to get to the point of my blog which is my weekend….

My Mama came to spend the weekend with us because she has not seen our home since we moved our stuff in. She loves interior decorating so I asked her to come and help us choose our accent pieces now that we have all of our furniture…and I always love my Mama’s decorating ideas (I’m really not sure why she never became an interior decorator….she totally could have). So Saturday was spent eating and shopping….as was Sunday. We ended up with new pillows for the couch and the tufted slipper chair, side table and vase (handmade in Turkey), shower curtain, and several things for the guest bathroom. All in all, I would say this weekend was a success, but I haven’t even gotten to the food!

Sunday we decided to try a local restaurant near our home called Polliwogs. I have been riding by it for weeks and finally decided to give it a try. Besides…my Mama is always down to try something new. Can I just say, I knew this place was going to be awesome when they served my sweet tea in a Mason jar! I mean how much more South Carolina can you get?! We all got something a little different (cheese burger, po boy, and fish tacos). The food was amazing, but the best part is that everything served here is SC grown, caught, or brewed. My husband and I always try to eat/shop locally when possible, and I think we have a new local favorite restaurant. Also, Polliwogs is committed to reducing their footprint and recycled two tons of waste last month alone. So, if you are ever in Columbia, SC and would like to be a local for a day check out Polliwogs. Here is a link to their website if you are curious….Polliwogsc.com.


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